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'I was weary of this day, and began to think wishfully of being again in motion'

Well, it's been a cyber surge all weekend, with full shifts plugged in to the WWW at the incredibly hospitable Netropolis cafe - The above quote now applies admirably despite this generosity...

Grampian TV popped in for some soundbites, and frankly it was a breeze after the trauma of live Radio Four a few weeks ago - but can they edit out the bags under our eyes?

Our IRC chat introduced me to a cyberpal of Nina's-Geoff of Derby (as opposed to Joseph Wright of), who, handily, we were meaning to contact soon anyway. Luckily, he seems as slow a typer as me, so our conversation proceeded at underwater speed.

Hoping to do a bit of video downloading soon, so watch this site for those lay - by shots.

/Aberdeen's greyness is still something I find oppressive, though I sense the city centre has a more pleasant atmosphere than, say, Glasgow..../
I'll leave that in, though I've just read it back and it sounds totally ludicrous, but may it be an example of how blank this thing could become if we don't watch it.....

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