Sunday 24th March 1996


Afraid I'm pretty much unable to write anything tonight - partly because we've seen little more than the inside of netropolis today, and partly as it's already 11.00pm and I've been messing about with audio and video imput all evening! Look out for the link to the "wilson twins" singing piece soon though.

With a bit of luck Grant the technical wiz here will also be able to find somewhere for us to download our hour long hand held crap video tomorrow too, I bet you can all hardly wait...

We were interviewed by a very low key team from Grampian TV this morning and then spent a much needed afternoon working with a fast conection to check stuff. Also did our first IRC session at 5.00. I can't pretend it was packed but let's put it this way we did make a date to visit Geoff in Derby in May.

Called home tonight and then got stressed up about all the other things in my life that I'm basically wanting to forget about at the moment - as we've become those Ruthless Bitches - concentrating only on the next upload - yes the guests from hell move on to Slains Castle tomorrow.