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'typed to the sound of ewes giving birth'

Yes it's true, and I'm pretty tempted to sprint out there with the camcorder, but I'm not sure Farmer Giles of Banff would appreciate my response to the crisis.

This is our second farm B&B, and AHJ certainly recommends it: Expansive but not expensive, ludicrously good breakfast and a livestock soundtrack thrown in too.

We've zigzagged the Aberdeen & Buchan coast once more, in hot pursuit of an AV Mac through which to bring you our video (or at least some choice snippets thereof). We found one at the hospitable Research Unit of Gray's School of Art, c/o the ever-helpful Ian Morrison, though by the end of the day, every one there deserved prostrate gratitude for their tolerance of us - what a bunch.

I was pleasantly (or should that be pheasantly in these parts...groan) surprised by a chance encounter with Robbie Bushe, an old friend of ours from at Edinburgh College of Art. He now lectures in painting there, and he made us a cup of tea in the fading old - world gentlity of the staffroom, complete with skeleton and leather sofa.

Between there and here there was:
A drive through Old Deer, a somewhat nondescript stop of B&J
A look at a white horse, in the hillside at Strichen
An excruciating search for a toilet in several hamlets.
A cannelloni bar supper.

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