"At night we came to Bamff, where I remember nothing that particularly claimed my attention."

Johnson - Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland

Beg to differ her Johnson...I really love this part of Scotland, I've been to Port Nochie and the surrounding villages before, but never to Banff - we too arrived at night but it looked really beautiful with a big house lit up and one of those flood lit football pitches that I've always liked (The other being in Battersea park overshadowed for unusual colour value only by the albino wallabies also there!). Anyway, we're now on a farm just outside Banff and will certainly be 'detained' here for the morning to have a better look round.

They are currently lambing here and whilst we were quite up for a bit of midnight lamb shed video I'm not sure how well we'd have been received out in the field - so we're contenting ourselves by listening to them from the window. This is also a beef farm, and we are becoming experts on current crisis - BSE both sides of the story - everyone we meet wants to speak about it.

Had an extremely full day before we even got here. We had to go back into Aberdeen, as we had the offer of an AV Mac for the day from the research unit at the Art College - Ian Morrison came to our image grab aid, but we of course managed to drag everyone else in too. Special thanks to the other Ian who we eventually moved off his computer due to technical hitch with the assigned machine. Also to the effusive Richard - techno expert- unoffended by my smart aleck 'you'll want to turn that off before plugging that into there' style comments; who instead of taking offence became embroiled in the video compression debate.

Unlucky for you lot the huge technical surge forward from today will take a few days yet to filter down on to the pages.

Whilst I was knee deep in SCSI cables and camera wires Karen was off catching up on news with Robbie Bushe - former studio neighbour of ours from art college. We'd just been joking that this was the kind of place you expected to see him shambling around when sure enough he appeared. Took us to the painting dept office for a cup of tea and a whiff of paint smelling nostalgia.

Good to see Robbie and to have a last day on a 'big screen' but I was glad to get back on the road and am really looking forward to the next bit of the trip.