Thursday 28th March 1996

Okay guys, I'll try to use what I've already got as much as possible on the 
article and keep these questions to a minimum. It'd help if you could both 
answer them, then I can cut and paste to give a feel for both of you.

This is for a page which is meant to be about people and their passions, so 
remember to sound passionate, and include any particularly strong motives, 
kinks etc.

Oh, and any chance I could have these by Thursday evening?


What motivated you especially to undertake the journey, was living as 
expatriates a factor?
Not for me - (sassanach - probaley spelt very wrong - I can't wait until they make a spell check for Eudora) It was mainly to see what was possible for this kind of project if you use the internet as your test out interactivty etc etc. B&J journay began as just something to hang it on but has become a bit of an obssesion, more so now we're actually travelling - I think I reread Bossy about 10 times a day to make sure we haven't missed anything.
Anything specific you hoped to achieve?
More than we are! The days are not long enough! Actually I'd like to think that I'm open to it being a 'failure' too - it is meant to be an experiment, BUT I'd like to achieve a WWW site that actually has some meaningful content.
Do you see this as just an art project, or a contemporary account of Scotland, 
a modern update of Boswell et al?
A bit of all three - but the fact we're visual artists is obviously important, I'm not sure how much we can hope to give more than a personal account of what we've seen in each place as we are really pretty much rushing round - i guess it could give a feel for what it's like to travel in Scotland whilst trying to make work rather than 'what scotland is like.'
How do you feel about tartanisation of Scottish culture?
To be honest we have experienced less of it than I expected so far - possibley because it's so off season - living in London now I'm a bit out of touch with it in general terms. Although I think the same thing happens in parts of England too - thatched cottages, cream teas and all that...I guess it's balanced though by a much broader representation, where as you need to make a pretty big splash in Scotland to appear in the press in England.
High points?
Birth Place of JM Barry and the surveylance style 'looking for Guthrie castle incident' - I'm still recovering from the stress/excitement of this. The Buller of Buchan was a bit of a high spot for me to. It's only one person wide so we really did trace their steps...also the walk up to Slains castle was pretty fab. I'm really enjoying the rural bits - the more built up touristy things are rather hard to digest and turn into work
Low points?
having bloody food poisoning, sicking up for a whole night and then having to lie about inactive for a day in one of my favorite parts of Scotland
Gimme some anecdotes please:
oH God the pressure...
Learned anything about yourselves and each other?
We find it hard to interact with people and make work at the same time! There's a big dilema between trying to record and see lots
What have you learned about Scotland/the Scots?
Everyone we've stayed with have been very hospitable and surprisingly laid back about us using their phone lines etc. we 've learnt alot about the beef crisis too, we've stayed on a lot of farms with cattle the whole thing is pretty sad. Also I think every one in Britain (including the scots in fact especially them) are obsessed with of course the weather but also justifying where they live - ie rural vs urban life.
Is this one of the first useful uses of the internet? If so, why?
I'm not sure about 'useful' the internet was made for the exchange of 'useful' information it's more recent that homepages etc have run rife, I hope this will be one of the first 'art pieces' to use the internet as its site. I feel it'll be more personal than useful
Please chuck down anything else you feel is relevant/necessary:


Thanks a million, if you're coming back through Edinburgh then I'll buy you 
both a drink.

Take care, and watch out for those highland types.