Subject: "Demise of Diary" Subject: "Demise of Diary"  Subject: "Demise of Diary" Subject: "Demise of Diary"

   I think it was a good decision to drop the diary. The diary was needed
to get us all on board  travelling with you, even if we didn't start until half
way around. Now most people are hooked on it and so I think we need
more considered pieces. You do need somehow to transmit the feeling of
day to day travel and to do that each day but you can probably do that
now in a more obtuse way. The site does have a very unfinished on going
project feel about it and that rawness is a great strength. But it also does
convey the feeling of a lot of good raw material that hasn't been brought
together. To show us the perliminary sketches, not just the slick finished
product is brave and great to see, it makes you work hard to get deeping
meanings from the site, which is no bad thing. NET usually equals instant
gratification. I would like to know your more considered opionions of the
journey through some more pieces. You know all this, it's a real case of
armchair driving, sorry.

 Subject: "Demise of Diary"

Please...say it isn't so, "Demise of Diary".  

Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have no soul-searching questions to ask of
you, except that your journey continue.  We so look forward to coming home
after grueling day's employment in the land of the free and home of the
brave (?), to find your bookmark and search out your day's adventures.  

So, pray continue, and in health!

Chris & Shirley Murray
Coupeville, Washington, USA

Ian Bruce sent us some 'probing questions' this evening for a piece for the Big Issue in Scotland. They served to aggravate my angst about the project so far to the extent that we reached the 'ditch the dairies' decision. Whilst they are entertaining to write and give an account of what we've been up to, they are far too time consuming. They don't, I feel, really say much about what we could be making in terms of actual 'pieces', or really challenge any expectations we/the audience may have about travelling as artists and using the net to convey the experience. They were initially intended to be one element of the whole story but have really taken over a bit. They may resurface with more time but for now they are shelved...who knows what will follow with 5 hours a night in the B&B and no witty stories to hide behind. Just us a few quick take photos, some raw video, the lap tops and us.

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Subject: diary etc


its cool its groovey its fabulous

I think you've done exactly the right think in dropping the diary and 
emphasising the individual art pieces. Partly because it was a bit too 
linear - and to be honest a bit too much like the traditional 
travelogue that you are intending to creatively critique. It's hard to 
break out of the 'we went here, we went there' letter home type style. 
Also because the two different versions of the same days events was 
becoming too dominant a comparison; too much of the hers & hers . I 
think if yours and Karen's observations are integrated and provided in 
a more random way it makes it more in the spirit of the thing. Besides 
which, your styles are SO different that there is no danger of having 
your individual personalities merged into one!

However, one good thing about the time/diary structure is that it 
gives us a sense of your journeying, and it's easier to instantly 
check up on. Could you possibly do a webpage for each day or couple of 
days as you did last weekend? Nothing complex: it might contain a 
paragraph of text, it might contain a link to a sound file, it might 
contain a snatch of transcribed dialogue or an email received. It 
would give us down here a greater sense of the options from which you 
are choosing when you are creating your 'documentation'.

Alternatively, you could just re-use the flashing text you have been 
placing at the top of the home page as a list of 'headings'; that 
would do the trick and give us a sense of your progression. In fact it 
might be better: after all the day by day (literal) time spent is not 
what is important, it is where & how you have chosen to go that 
defines the journey.

This is just me making suggestions in an overly curatorial kind of way 
and you are welcome to tell me to fuck off in seventeenth century 

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