Ayrshire landscape


We drove to Largs on the evening of the 14th from Glasgow - a typical wet west coast drive, both of us were totally exhausted after our Glasgow night out, but also on a high after our "surreptitious supermarket sweep video session in Safeways" as we left Glasgow. I think I now have a pretty good idea what shop lifting feels like.

At last enjoyed some food cooked by ourselves (Karen actually I was messing about doing a back up or something involving cables!) and settled in for a lux lux lux work session in the Guthrie family home. More of the same the next morning - in fact, we only left once even more family members arrived, and we had given ourselves concentration headaches, and couldn't get any joy from Fetch. Nothing brings us down more than an unsuccessful upload!

So embarked on what felt like the last leg of the journey, we were planning the trip to Roslin the next day but this was with friends - also the fact we were going to be back at Karen's flat by the evening gave us the feeling that this was the end.

The Auchenleck visit turned out to actually be rather sad, after a strangely beautiful wet drive, AHJ weather luck worked its magic and the sun came out as we passed Mauckline, and the strange tower there. We arrived in the actual village to find it rather deserted - many of the shops either shut or boarded up. We did find the Boswell Museum by the church - also well and truly shut.

Fearing a rerun of the Gardenstone Arms experience we braved the attentions of 5 eager helpers in the Boswell arms for directions to Auchenleck House - the former home of Boswell's father. The great pair had stayed here on their return - we new from the recent article on Burns by Andrew O'Hagan that the house was now deserted but we weren't really prepared for how saddened we felt by the whole thing.

sad house

Much of this was due to being completely over tired and emotional at 'the end of the show'. However, the long drive to the abandoned Boswell home, past small farms, and modern pseudo baronial mansions certainly added to the pathos of the event.

Despite the late hour and the predictable onset of acute hunger (this always happens at any good location) we whipped the full length kilts out the car and took a final set of quick takes. Bossy home 'in the can' we set off on a vain search for sustenance in Auchenleck - eventually gave up and resorting to chips in the next town. Arrived back at Karen's house later than we hoped and both silently agreed on an early night.