A pleasant drive up the A70 from deepest Ayrshire (gamboling lambs agogo) brought us back full circle to Edinburgh last night.
I managed to ignore my pile of mail and the immanent return to real life, and press on towards Roslin, with a few diversions en route.
One such diversion was coffee with a diligent AHJ emailer, William Silk, an art history student writing a dissertation on the WWW.

Despite deadline-induced exhaustion, he rollerbladed to a cafe at practically no notice whatsoever, equipped with a handful of questions and a lovely green ink pen.

Verbal logic somewhat evaded me, so on seizure of afore-mentioned pen I attempted a written approximation of the point of it all. Before William could say, "Could you write that again in capitals.." we sped off to Roslin, having kidnapped our friend Lizzie Hobbs (wierd eyes, above) from the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop.

Robert Adam & Carol Robertson, and menagerie greeted us at their cottage, from where we took in Roslin Castle, and an Inn where the great pair stayed and the incredible (so incredible we took no photos for you) Rosslyn Chapel, a small 15th century church famous for its ornate idiosyncratic carving which combines Christian & Pagan iconography with particular significance to the rituals of Freemasonry- it's also the subject of recent controversy regarding the Knights of the Templar buried there, and the possiblity of some hidden scrolls brought from the Crusades being buried there. It is a breathtaking place - it feels charged with something extremely powerful, and for me it possessed everything that Iona has lost to the tourist crowds.

Unfortunately our haphazard plans to meet another emailer, Lorna Banks, failed us - I think we arrived too late at the chapel.

Carol and Lily (a lurcher) also took us to see a peculiar carved face some distance from the church - She was walking there with her wee sister, when her sister (for no apparent reason) felt the desire to scrape off the layer of moss from a certain corner of the rock, and found this carved face which closely resembles the ones in the chapel....

A short meander throught the woods, carpeted with wild garlic and anemones, brought us back to Carol & Robert's, where we devoured a meal of epic proportions cooked by Carol, who luckily shares the AHJ food priority. Barely had we necked our icecream with white chocolate (hope you've eaten already) than Nina's London train beckoned: Yet again the guests from hell, AHJ bodyswerves the washing up and finds itself once again on the road - for the last time.

So I'm sitting in my flat here in Edinburgh not quite believing that I'm going to wake up in my own bed tomorrow, and have to make my own cup of coffee. It's odd to be alone even now - noone to say "Where did we put that file, Banffsick.html ?" or "Why on earth is that picture of Mrs Hart floating around in the 'buttons' folder?" or "What's wrong with a link to the rabbit pictures from the word 'hair'?"
Of course, Nina & I will be tinkering with the site for a long while yet, from our respective ends of the country, but the current content of the site will remain intact.
I feel we've gathered enough material to last us a lifetime - there's so much more we want to get on the site - sound files, video stuff and some excerpts from the dozens of interviews we taped, which so far we've been too darn busy to add.

Somehow I think we've got a big job ahead of us.....


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