Some erratically edited 'highlights' of our email feedback..

anyone for IRC?

 Cyberia Edinburgh
Subject: frothed like a syllabub

you are doing such a lovely job, I am thinking of you and enjoying 
catching up in this snappy way although I have once more made the mistake 
of tanning the arse off those cappucinos and beads of perspiration are 
breaking out on my forehead, I associate these palpitations with looking 
at a hypertext journal...


  The fairy piece is still my favourite piece, I love any pictures of the
skirts, the more incongerous the hairstyle and tops the better, some of the
feedback is strangely moving, and the Lachland section is very powerful. It
conveys the weirdness of the Net really well, and the linear documentry
style adds to it's power. I like the fuziness of the original homepage below
the new latest label. Fuziness, the hipest NET texture? I also like the linear
subject list, good typeface. In short, more pieces, more skirts and more
EMAIL misunderstandings.

I don't know if this is still going to reach you on your travels but 
I hope it does.
 Anyway, I am really enjoying the show, 
especially the left to right rather than up down layout on the 
panorama and the home page, so simple, but it makes all the difference. Are you 
coming back through Edinburgh in the next couple of weeks? if so please 
get in touch or come over for lunch/coffee/hot cross buns <\_/  \_/>. I have a 
beautiful painting at home that  I think you might like you to see by a friend of 
mine, Olly Marsden. Also I live above a cyber Cafe called Web 13 on 
bread street so if you have stuff to work on I could just meet you 
                  I liked the new set up on the site, it makes alot 
more sense and has flattened everything down to a more random 
searching so each step is a little surprise...
Since people generally don't know what they need, what they need  is 
surprises and a bit of randomness in their lives. I'm not sure how 
you or I did it, but I ended up at an Republican cause home page or 
such like that made for some interesting reading! Your links have been wonderfully helpful for my dissertation 
and in my humble opinion the Hypertext journal is the best thing I 
found as a work using the internet as medium. I emailed the whitney 
to tell them to put you on their hotlist of such sites but I've not 
heard back...
Happy travels, love the full length kilts! 
Hope to see you in the future, near or far
William Silk

 This looks like a fantastic adventure, for all of us.

I have my own tour site at - around America 1922.  I have already found some fascinating intersections with other sites, and am hoping to find more.

I'll be watching your progress.  Thanks and best of luck!

Hugh Campbell

Dear Nina & Karen,
I have stayed many times with Isabel Moore at Tormor about 2 miles west of
the Ardavasar ferry terminal (Mallaig - Ardavasar).  It was the Clan
McDonald's factor's house when B & J visited.  They got so sick of the food
at Armadale Castle that they went to Tormor instead - something like that
anyway - its in the diary I think.
Isabel is an amazing woman - about 60 - very strong willed - has bought
about 5 miles of the coast there to stop it getting developed.  The house
and setting is also incredible. 

best wishes

Subject: Meanwhile in another part of the Forest from VB

"Everything can happen, everything is possible and probable.  Time and 
place do not exist; on an insignificant basis of reality the imagination 
spins, weaving new patterns; a mixture of memories, experiences, free 
fancies, incongruities and improvisations.  The characters split, 
double, multiply, evaporate, condense, disperse, assemble.  But one 
conciousness rules them all, that of the dreamer..." August Strindberg 
Author's note to the Dream Play.
Now that you are on an island I have geography for you but in my mind, 
in my dream I have a view, a topography for an island facing West.

Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 05:11:20 +0100
From: (alkemist)

...Who will be the curator of the online museum where works like yours are
stored for eternity. Who will catalogue them and preserve them to prevent
their loss to future generations. I wonder what historians will have to say
about your art or will the technology get in the way....... "Poignant but
limited by the 2 dimensional access medium"? 

Do you not worry about the transience of your medium, Had you done this 10
years ago on a spectrum, no-one could now see your work? 

Dont mind me, it's 5am I'm finishing off my E'mail and I worry about stupid
things like that.

nina> Gordon - I'm sorry to be thick but I don't now what the hell this
nina> is/ what to do with it !

It is PostScript...  a fratcal leaf for the tree on you WWW page?

nina> ps - I want to link to you from the IRC diary mention - what URL
nina> shall I use ?  would be nice.

nina> gnome plank?

      Gone blank?

From: user 
Subject: diary etc


its cool its groovey its fabulous

I think you've done exactly the right think in dropping the diary and 
emphasising the individual art pieces. Partly because it was a bit too 
linear - and to be honest a bit too much like the traditional 
travelogue that you are intending to creatively critique. It's hard to 
break out of the 'we went here, we went there' letter home type style. 
Also because the two different versions of the same days events was 
becoming too dominant a comparison; too much of the hers & hers . I 
think if yours and Karen's observations are integrated and provided in 
a more random way it makes it more in the spirit of the thing. Besides 
which, your styles are SO different that there is no danger of having 
your individual personalities merged into one!

However, one good thing about the time/diary structure is that it 
gives us a sense of your journeying, and it's easier to instantly 
check up on. Could you possibly do a webpage for each day or couple of 
days as you did last weekend? Nothing complex: it might contain a 
paragraph of text, it might contain a link to a sound file, it might 
contain a snatch of transcribed dialogue or an email received. It 
would give us down here a greater sense of the options from which you 
are choosing when you are creating your 'documentation'.

Alternatively, you could just re-use the flashing text you have been 
placing at the top of the home page as a list of 'headings'; that 
would do the trick and give us a sense of your progression. In fact it 
might be better: after all the day by day (literal) time spent is not 
what is important, it is where & how you have chosen to go that 
defines the journey.

This is just me making suggestions in an overly curatorial kind of way 
and you are welcome to tell me to fuck off in seventeenth century 

But here's a request. You know what I would love to see most of all? 
It might not be possible but I love the sky at night in Scotland, and 
it would warm my urban heart to see it. Or sunrise/ sunset. Any 

have fun
keep well,  peter

Subject: Strathpeffer

I am just new to using the internet, but your articles on the 
the north of Scotland interest me very much. The reason being is
that I married a girl that was born in Dingwall, she still has
many relatives in the Strath and at Dingwall. We intend on visit
ing soon likely 1998. 

Keep up the good work.


I've just spent half an hour browsing through your Hypertext journal 
and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Can't easily download 
your audio files - have you got some good material? If so, we could do 
a really nice feature looking back over the trip on your return for 
Woman's Hour, if you want to.  Love the pictures - fantastic tartan 
skirts...! Were they warm? Tracey Logan

Date: Sat, 6 Apr 1996 15:27:29
Nice hypertext journal....though accessing from my greyscale powerbook at
home I'm not getting the full benefit of your interesting looking graphics.
Good to see that you had a clear view of the lunar eclipse it was
spectatcular here in Cornwall...apparently all the car parks on Dartmoor
were full after midnight on Wednesday...though it was easy to view from our
window (it was too cold to stay outside for long)
How are you finding rural comms?  Are there many facilities for community
access to the net on route?

name=& Do+you+have+a+lot+of+Kendal+Mintcake%3F%3F%3F%3F+We+would+also+ like+to+know+how+you+get+those+photos+across+to+us.
>Richard - are you really trying to send us a message? if so it's getting >garbelled by the mail to form which I'm going to take off! > >nina (& karen) > >
> yes i was. iv'e sent you two messages in the last week, one from jo and i, where we hacked in to the preferences at chris lane's show 'on mouseup' and sent you one via the mail to page. the other via the 'are you scottish', 'do you mind your comments appearing' page, when i commented on what i felt was possibly over academic tone of the piece. hope that makes things clearer. i hope it's going well, i wish you all the best, you are in my prayers etc.
Hope that you are both well and warm. It's been very exciting but the pictures take so long to load that we've only seen the top few lines! If you need any supplies sending let us know on this addres Take in a deep breath of fresh air for us and make a loud noise when you let it out! Drive carefully, we'll be in touch again. Love from Angus and Jill X
jo and i sent you a message via the form last night (19th). we were really exited to be there at the begining and i think that the (often posited) question, 'can one become emotionally involved over the internet', has been answered as far as we were concerned. As far as the over academisisation of the site, a number of people i've spoken to have felt that the content was a bit cold and somewhat daunting. This however is not the case with the diaries which you posted yesterday. by the way the whole site looks great and has a really crafted feel. the diary pages loaded fastish, with the graphics (my configuration) poping up nicly just as i'd finished the accompanying text for each. by for now,
Hello Nina, I have spent some time checking out the Scotland tour..I've been reading about the British Grand Tour, and architectural documents that are linked by an itinerary. If they went to view ruins of antiquity, or collect photographs of views, monuments, and so on, then your trip collects so much more than images, and especially, as you say, they become more and more embedded. In fact it was a slow process to get to so many links on the journal. This totally defies the archive, if it should be ordered, logical, retrievable and so on. ....But now you are taking photos directly onto your computer, or online, bypassing the print stage. Something very interesting is happening to the archive, coming from a tradition of expedition and, I think, demolition especially in cities, and now moving into these fluid net spaces where they are not just linked together, but themselves are literally links as we point and click on them. I think your images are also quite lovely, the tree surprised me, esp because I could not get the full image on my laptop, but today got it on Kris's computer. Also, the road trip (you linked to Greg in the US) is very much part of the American imagination.... But I like most of all that you piggyback your route onto an old exploration tour. This repetition is very important to me if I want to understand meaning - I like the layers. But I will keep browsing. I find it has inspired an open end to my paper I am working on. I was going to call it Grand Tours, Archives and Afterlives. more later, christine oh, by the way, I didn't get to see any responses from anybody else? Are these available?
To: Subject: (no subject) X-URL: /feedback/index.html Great idea. Read about it in "The Scotsman". When are you on the east coast, or am I too late
Do you feel a bit like Thelma and Louise of the Highlands (without the horrid bits)?
This is an email message from Simon Morse. ... Finally I've seen your site and it's been the quickest to download on this 14.4 modem I've yet come across. No, really! How are you doing, dear? It's nice to hear from you - and bizarre to hear from you knowing that everyone else is hearing from you at the same time (insert sundry internet cliches here). This is only the second ever email I've sent. This'll no doubt get to you with some corruption fish barnacle price of peas dehydrated textured vegetable protein resend it if you can reach me at the address above. Lots & Lots of Love from Simon XXX. PS wrap up warm.
dear nina and karen, ive just been looking at your site... i was left a bit confused by the project - both from the interview on the radio, and having looked round your site. I cant help thinking do you really know what you are doing it for, and what it is about. It seems as though you have the facilities, the know-how, and the energy and commitment, and needed something to hang it all on - and this is where im a bit dubious. I wonder if the heart of the idea hasnt been lost in the means - if that makes any sense. you seem to be involving all these issues and different areas - like the reality / virtual reality thing, art in technology and modern communications thing, and then this journey which is retracing their steps, which is updating the travel journal, but which is also interactive? As well as the various local and personal issues which a project of this kind will always throw up.. and so on... so what im saying is that im not convinced that the central idea behind this project can support the scale of it, and the many requirements that are therefore required of it. or to put it another way it seems to me that it might have got a bit out of hand.
Subject: "Demise of Diary" Please...say it isn't so, "Demise of Diary". Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have no soul-searching questions to ask of you, except that your journey continue. We so look forward to coming home after grueling day's employment in the land of the free and home of the brave (?), to find your bookmark and search out your day's adventures. So, pray continue, and in health! Chris & Shirley Murray Coupeville, Washington, USA
Subject: Wish you better Saturday 30th March 96 8.45am You poor things the last thing you want is Scotty belly. I hope it is not too serious that you will be both on the road soon. I dont know how you manage to keep updating your pages so fast. Bozzy baby boswell proberbly had similiar experience. He wrote " It is with great concern that my luncheon today at the Hagi and Crumpkin hostelry may have been suspect. The strange round object of which I have consumed may have contained the virus H.A.G.G.I.S. I fear my bottom may explode hence." I am off to the ICA to help out with the Artaids stuff. If you need rescuing give me a ring. I am off to sunny southport to visit friends on Thursday. We need you for Virtual Glast. It could be a biggy. Love and Asprins Bernie
Sorry to hear you were both unwell, and hope you're now fully recovered. Sorry to about demise of diaries which were v. entertaining, but understand reasons. Will continue to monitor your progress. Watch out for monster in Inverness!
I know you're both v. busy ladies. Any chance, pse, of a brief e-mail? Fiona, my 10yr old dtr with me this wkend. Fascinated by www, email, etc. I'd be v. grateful, and it wd be worth a drink - or even two!
Subject: Re: re journal Karen/Nina - just a note to say it`s a really nice project, when I can manage to link up..Cynthia enjoyed meeting you, she`s back in Vermont now... keep touring..Jim