Anyone for this saturday ' s IRC?

it seems this lot are up for it...

OK we will be in the channel #darlinks on undernet from 5.00 pm onwards today - 13/4/96

dear all this is being organised by Stefan at Glasgow - latest news we have is below:

From: (Stefan Korn)

Subject: IRC Party.

Hi there,

I hope you can find the department tomorrow. We are all very excited about the
IRC and MBone Party tomorrow :-) We have agreed on an IRC channel name with
Vienna. This name is "darlinks". Please tell all the people on your mail list
that this channel will be up throughout the day. And everybody can join this
channel by typing "/join #darlinks" once they are on IRC.

(Stefan which server - ? a glasgow one? undernet? is this obvious? - Nina & Karen)

I hope that's enough to find it if not email him not us !!! we are in their hands !

It seems it'll be open all day but we will be talking to Kathy in Vienna between about 5 -7 pm

 Hi Karen and Nina,

We are preparing to join you from Austria on April 13, in the IRC chat/party
from  Glasgow!   This will be as a part of the dar~LINKS project, on the Ars
Electronica Center in Linz.  We need to announce it on the AEC homepage - so
if there is any change in the date....please contact me ASAP.

We will be awaiting information about the channel.. the time, and we assume
the topic will be HYPERTEXT? As before?  

Good final days of travels.....

Warmly, Kathy

it's a crazy idea but it might just work...?
At 22:11 7/4/96 +0000, nina pope wrote:
> I don't have a quick cam just a
>quick take - (ie still) but I would be interested in some kind of video
>link up ...although as Gordo will tell you we have been struggelling even
>with IRC!
>so just thought I'd send this out in a kind of random could something
>happen with Glasgow/London/Plymouth Vid IRC something link up!?

What about setting up an mbone video link?
We could broadcast a video/audio session on the net from here (Glasgow) and invite
those with an mbone connection to join in


 Can't connect to mbone here yet..though we do have a CU-SeeMe reflector.
Used CUSM successfully to transmit video of Tintagel and the Cornish Coast
to the States....just sticking the VHS tape in the camera



 Subject: Re: it's a crazy idea but it might just work...?

I wish I was on the MBONE now....


 >I wish I was on the MBONE now....

Well at 16.10 this afternoon I wished I was anywhere but stuck in a loft,
dodging spiders and rafters with splinters, shifting boxes!

Must admit I did wonder how the weather was in was very grey
and misty on the south Cornish coast...the proximity of the howling
seagulls on the roof didn't help.



 >From what I can gather..from your web pages you have a powerbook and a modem.
Well you could do a Maven audio link from somewhere remote (which had an
accessable telephone socket of course!)
Just looking at remote options.
Maven Delta-mod option gives good results with a 28.8 modem (had a near
telephone quality session with Geoff Rhen at Murdoch Uni. Australia using
this method over the net).
Of course you may ask why not just use the phone.....but for long distance
it's cheaper and connecting to a Maven enabled reflector spreads the feed
to up to 40.....and it's a net link.
Maven also works with VAT on the mbone.

 Yep we could probably setup a CU-SeeMe channel to run with the IRC link up.

We are based in the Psychology Department at Glasgow University (you'll
find that glasgow has quite a few universities now :-))

 We have just installed some cameras on MACs here at the BBC.


 Greetings from Vienna! 

I just found out last night that we CAN get m-bone transmissions here in
Vienna at The Thing, but the sysop just doesn't like to set it up.....we have
bad bandwidth here....but CAN do it..

At The Thing, we will have three workstations that can be used for
chatting..with three quick!

 Hi Anne Marie, Stefan, and coming soon Nina and Karen....

Please add Christa at the Ars Electronica Center, Linz
and, Max Kossatz at The Thing, Vienna to the technical correspondence.

Max -especially- needs to know the address of the CuSeeme reflector 
-- and the time!   He has checked it out, and would need to completely
reconfigure his entire system to do mbone...not enough time before Saturday,
and anyway....

As I said before already, Christa is anxious to make a general announcement
on the AEC server - asap!

I think Karen and I might just go to the pub and let the pros get on with it! ;_)