It's the 20th March. We're in St Andrews, in the Golf Course car park. First can you tell me what your name is?

My name is John Armstrong.

Now I believe you've got a lot of experience of second sight

Really my fathers. I believe when I was, possibly, aged about five or six, my father, we were living as a family in Leven, my father was working in Coupar which is a distance of eleven or twelve miles away and he came home rather worried one evening because he had had a feeling all afternoon that something had gone wrong with me, something had happened to me and there was no way he could have known this because there was no telephone in the house at the time, back in the 1950's. We'd no car, no easy means of getting from one place to the other and my mother was able to reassure him that I was perfectly fit and well. Oddly enough my younger sister who was about two, I suppose, had fallen and hurt herself rather badly, but not too badly. She again recovered but I was apparently more upset at the thought that my sister had fallen and was rather worried about the whole thing and in some way presumably my feeling had transmitted itself to him. But quite how, nobody knows.

Thank you.