Nina: We're in Coll, and can you first of all tell us your name and where you live?

Kip: Kip Poulson, I live in the village.

Nina: And you're an artist, aren't you?

Kip: Um hm. (discussion of his art work)

Nina: One thing that Boswell and Johnson asked people about was whether they had any experience of second sight.

Kip: Have I had any?

NIna: Have you or do you know anybody from Coll who has?

Kip: There are Coll people that reckon that, yeah, there's one guy that'll be pottering about in the village here... In fact, there was an American chap here two weeks ago who claimed to have second sight as well and we were kind of playing along with it. And my next door neighbour said, "I've gotta move all this stuff in the morning. What are you doing tomorrow?" He said "I don't know." And he said, "Well you should."

NIna: Lifting boxes.

Kip: There's a couple of folks, yeah, that claim to have it, yeah.

Nina: Mmm. OK that's great. Thanks very much.