Okay, we're in St Andrews with Mrs Hart who runs a B&B at....... Can you tell us the name of the B&B?

Braeside House.

And you were born in St Andrews?

I was born in St Andrews in Craigton Hospital, which is no longer. It's been made into a golf course and golf club. Well, yeah. But I mean, I've been here before, so my family have quite alot of friends, so I know it quite well from my childhood.

Have you been to Skye?

Yes. Three years ago.

And how did you find it. That's where we're going, that where we're headed.

Oh right. I liked it. Em, it was awful weather when we went for two days. But one day, on the Sunday, the weather was lovely and so I liked Skye yes. It was totally different from anything else. The people are very very back. Nobody rushes anywhere, it's all sort of, I don't think I could live there, because of that, you know. Nothing ever seems to get done. Em, there's alot of, like, rubbish lying about, like old houses, it's like nobody's ever taken the time to just tidy it up, sort of thing, but yeah, I liked it. Yeah, so that's three years ago.

How did you get into, em, doing a B&B?

How did I get into it? Em, I went to do a catering course at technical college and realised, then I went into hotels, and I thought, one day I would like to do this for myself, em, and when I became married I worked in guest houses, because hotel work wasn't always suitable because of shifts and things like that, and basically things just grew from that.

We have to add that the eggs were done to perfection! What do you particularly like about running a B&B as opposed to another kind of job?

Everything really. I'm able to meet people. I like meeting people and you're able to talk to them on a longer basis. If you're working for somebody else, you're very conscious that they are hovering about in the background, and sort of keeping an eye open. It's alot of hard work in your own house aswell. But in a guest house because there's more room and you've got a set time to do it in, you're really going at full belt and I just thought, right if I can manage to get the house, I can do this on my own and my husband says he'll....... (Talking/laughing - can't make out) So I like working for myself.

So he doesn't get involved in the business?

Oh no. Not at all.

But he doesn't mind it?

No he doesn't mind it, but he doesn't get involved or help in anything. (Talking/laughing - can't make out)

So finally, just for the record, we have to ask you if you have any experience of second sight?

No, I'm afraid not.