the book

Nina Pope and Karen J Guthrie.

This artists book shares much if the imagery of the installation 'Somewhere over the TV', but represents a broader view of each artists work. The scale, format and paper used for the prints was chosen for its proximity to that of conventional photographs.
This page features a selection of images from the book.

The ten images (five by each artist) included in the book were created solely on computer, and printed directly from disc on an Iris printer. These prints are at the forefront of computer print technology, and have only just begun to be exploited by fine artists.

As far as we know, 'Somewhere Over The TV' is the first artists book to use this innovative medium. The technique uses an electrostatic charge to deposit microscopic jets of water-based ink onto acid-free paper resulting in a percieved DPI of 1600.

These ten prints, each 120 x 180 mm, are signed on the reverse by the artist and presented in a format which mimics an old-fashioned photograph album: The 'album' consists of twelve pages of black Arches onto which the prints are mounted.

These are hand-bound in a royal blue hardback cover, and secured at one side with a yellow ribbon. The book begins and ends with a page of black japanese paper, the final page being signed and numbered by both the artists.

There are thirteen books in the edition, an H/C and one A/P.

The book is currently available at a subscription rate of 700 or $1200 each. Please contact Nina Pope for more information.