karen j guthrie

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Scotland 1970

Royal College of Art, London 1991 - 1993

other things
British School at Rome Scholar 1993 - 1994

I am a visual artist based in London, currently working on drawings and computer based pieces.

In many of the works, I have aimed to find a pictorial space for the subjective / objective dichotomy of memory - memory as a mythic experience of personal history, and memory as an increasingly collective construct, transfigured by appropriated cultural iconography to a point of vacuity.

The works are 'evidence' of images passed through a succession of languages, searching for their points of resonance. Each piece momentarily suspends these elements, interrupting their endless iconographic transformations. Photographic elements often provide fragments of some form of 'truth', but these are records of the already 'false' : for example, the theme park, or the landscape of a model railway.

In the drawings, much of the format and imagery is derived from sources with certain generic structures of representation and / or narrative - a children's book , for example. However, in their assimilation into a new language and context, the emotive components of these structures are questioned.

Recent exhibitions have included a solo show of drawings and paintings at the Mclaurin Art Gallery in Ayr, Scotland. Here are a few scans of drawings from that show...

I've also made a collaborative computer-based installation at the Collective Gallery in Edinburgh -titled Somewhere Over the TV, with Nina Pope. An artists book of Iris prints was made to accompany this show - the image at the top of this page is from this- click here to see some more of these images.

Ongoing projects include another collaboration with Nina, working title A Hypertext Journal.This work involves us making a tour of Scotland, which we will 'log' daily (via imagery and text) onto the Internet as we travel.

Many thanks to Sheep for making it possible for me to cross the cyberthreshold.