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Litfest Prisons Residency

2008 - 2009

A solo residency by Karen Guthrie in H.M.P Preston, making short films with inmates.

I was commissioned to work with a writer on a project that could be delivered across just two weeks in the prison education department of H.M.P Preston, an institution with over 750 men in custody.
After a week's briefing, Laura Webb, the selected writer, preceded me inside and worked with around 20 inmates to develop pieces of creative writing that could form the basis for video work to be produced with me the following week - many were autobiographical, funny, sad and sometimes angry.
During my sessions I produced some twenty short films varying from simple readings to surreal poetry to documentary interviews. The inmates were full of ideas and willingness to experiment, and I sincerely hope some will get to see the outcomes of the projects inside or outside.
The films are now complete and screening summer 2009. The written work is collated in the book 'The View from My House' published by and available from Litfest