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Site-specific installation of a film archive database accessed via an online computer on a riverboat, an online archive of short films and 'silent' archive film show 'Summer Holidays' with commissioned soundtrack

For this project we researched the context and site of the annual East exhibition - the River Wensum in Norwich - from the point of view of the tourist. We became interested in the tour boats which travel the river and in particular the tour monologues delivered by the skippers. Finding we had 'accidentally' recorded one of the oldest skipper's last journeys lead us to the East Anglia Film Archive (to which we gave the film) and their online catalogue: Here, we experienced thousands of beautifully-written descriptions of archived film and video documenting over a century of local culture shot by shot.
We decided to make a series of short films of our time in Norfolk, specifically to be deposited with the East Anglian Film Archive and their content to be logged by their archivist.