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A Hypertext Journal

Reviews & Links

"A Hypertext Journal, by artists Nina Pope and Karen J. Guthrie is a serious exploration of the Web's potential for real time interaction with a 'remote audience' (the real purpose of this project). More, it is a heck of an entertaining read and a fascinating glimpse into the spirit and creativity of these intrepid artists.
From the original 'raw' source material (delightful reading), through creative 'post-processing' (in Pieces), and an impressive and intelligent analysis of the exercise (raising several points of interest for all artists), there is something here for every visitor. Highly recommended."

Excerpt from Zine New Media Journal, 08/05/97 - read the full review here

"By encouraging those who log on to the site to influence the narrative a hypertext journal demands far more from its audience than the simple choices of interactive television..."

You can read the full transcript of the BBC Horizon documentary which included this project - TV is dead. Long Live TV - here