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Almanac is a visual and audio digital calendar, which commemorates cinema's history and marks its future.

A cinematic calendar:
The project's five bespoke time-lapse camera + computer systems were installed across East Anglia at some of the region's most significant film locations - including North Weald airfield (used for the Battle of Britain), Southwold common (Drowning by Numbers) and Orford Castle (Witchfinder General). Each camera recorded 500 images at a specific time each day - these were all archived ready for the project database, which now contains over 100,000 images of the changing landscape.
In addition to the images, binaural recording were made at each site, at regular intervals throughout the year. Combined with composed sounds and music these now form the database of audio files to generate the music that accompanies the time-lapse movies.

A series of bespoke trailers:
From this wealth of material the bespoke Almanac software enables the system to pull up a short time-lapse 'clip' each day - these are shown as the 'trailers' to every feature played in Cinema City. As a regular visitor to the cinema you will never hear or see the same time-lapse movie twice, but will gather an impression of the changing seasons across the region. Each day the data-base 'chooses' a particular set of images from one location and generates a time-lapse movie that scrolls rapidly through a whole year at that site - gradually slowing to play the time-lapse footage shot at that site on that day during the recorded year. So on the 5th of September 2007 you will see footage gathered from a whole year running upto that September date and 'alight' on the time-lapse of exactly that day. The music that plays is also be 'generated' from a number of composed loops and sounds made for each site. The music enhances the sense of rapidly 'scrolling' through a year at one site and gradually slowing down as you reach the point in the year of the current date.

Almanac still of Kentwell Hall

Still from Witchfinder General