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Anecdotal Evidence


A big thanks to the following:

Peter and Peggy Thompson (my grandparents)
Mr & Mrs China Irons (who helped me get started)
Marjory Harding (former headmistress at Grafham School)
Jim Herdman and his brothers Bill and Walt
(Jim lived at Valley Farm - now submerged)
Fred Norton (born on Glebe or Rectory Farm - now submerged)
Pam and Michael Flint (the local 'man from the Pru')
Christina Butler, Wyn Austin and Claire Hill (staff at Grafham Water Centre)
Bob Maynard and Ian Downing (who have both worked at the Grafham Water Centre for 10 years)
Amanda and Stephen McCarthy (who run Perry post office)
Peter Woodham (construction worker on the reservoir)
Muriel Neilson and her daughters Moira Brookes and Fiona Woolway (who all lived at Model Farm)
John Hawkins (a keen fisherman who has fished at Grafham since it opened)
Sue Vose, her Uncle Bob Mayes, her Mother Daisy Johnson and their friend Lil Elliot (all long-time local residents)
Brian Carter (who filmed much of the construction work on the reservoir)
Dorothy Hart and her son Jamie (who lived at Hill Farm and now Model Farm)
Geoff and Muriel Millard (Muriel grew up in the Roundhouse - now submerged)