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A live event and webcast of 29 modern-day pilgrims' tales

/broadcast/ was an ambitious revisiting of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, commissioned as the Tate Bankside Annual Event. Chaucer's fictitious pilgrims originally set off from near the Tate's site, at Borough Market in south east London, also the venue for this project. 29 diverse present-day pilgrims were recruited to make a one-day journey of their choice, on the proviso that they would tell us a 'tale' live from their destination. These stories were then broadcast live both in the market and via a webcast. Pope & Guthrie hosted the marathon event from the market in an installation resembling an outdoor TV broadcast studio.

Documentation of the project was exhibited in 'An Exemplary Life' at Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery in 2000.

The project is archived extensively on its own website here.