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Glut (Barn & Field)

Watch an Introduction to A Fair Land (featuring the Glut project)


Working with architecture practice Public Works as part of the ambitious show 'A Fair Land' which was the flagship 2016 summer exhibition curated by Grizedale Arts for the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin, Ireland.

Glut Field and Glut Barn were part of a 'model village' (complete with industry, education, housing) realised in the inner courtyard of IMMA, featuring work by many artists, volunteers, community groups and architects. The programme included Michelle Darmody, Ryan Gander, Jonathan Meese, Gareth Kennedy, Deirdre O'Mahoney, Renzo Martens, Suzanne Lacy and many more.

Glut Barn was an imposing but playful temporary structure - its primary material strawbales and its form simple and agricultural, with massed bale walls and a plastic sheet flat roof. The interior is double height, and can be used for diverse activities and storage, chiefly for food preparation. The Barn's construction was devised andf built by the brilliant Eoin Donnelly & team, using a mix of innovative and traditional techniques.

Glut Field (nearby) was a 20m x 10m shallow raised bed directly onto the ground, made from straw bales planted with vigorous trailing courgette plants (zucchini). It was conditioned and planted directly with semi-mature plants, quickly achieving foliar coverage and producing vegetables for the project's use, in quantity.

The overall aesthetic was of a futuristic / sci-fi / survivalist structure in an early state of decay / ruin: overflowing with plants at optimum productivity, the horizontal bales decaying and bulging whilst the double height building remained a crisp, sentinel-like space.

This work has been inspired by What Will the Harvest Be?, our public garden in East London, where many vegetable gluts have neccessitated periods of inspired and intense creativity! We also worked with Andreas Lang of Public Works on Mobile Garden City, a prototype for another East London site commissioned by Ground Works, and some of the unrealised ideas for that project have fed through to this one.

View of the Glut Barn from the Glut Field

Glut Barn - Sketch, June '16