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One week project, 'broadcast' in two galleries each day from our parents' homes as two split screen video works and live audio from telephone conversations

HOMESPUN centred on us returning to our 'home towns' for a week, and making paired video works each day which we then exchanged by post, edited together split screen (with some very 'basic' technology!) and showed simultaneously in two local galleries. The video works, shot in a simultaneous single take, showed one landscape and one domestic scene each day, reflecting our ideas on home-coming, formative experiences, early 'art-making' and parental influences.
The ongoing nature of the website extended the project considerably, allowing further space for experimental and contextual work around the subject and extending the timescale of what was initially a very brief installation.

First exhibited: Cambridge Darkroom Gallery & Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow (22/07/1997 - 27/07/97)
Subsequently shown: Inverness (14/03/98 - 18/04/98)
Brighton House, Brixton, London (13/11/98 - 10/12/98)
Angel Row, Nottingham (19/01/02 - 02/03/02)