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Toge Rice

Probably the best rice in the world and the original inspiration for the whole Honesty Table.

When we were living in Toge we helped to re-design the packaging for the village single-estate rice so it could be sold directly to people (rather than mixed in with rice from other areas). We also became addicted to it!

Available now in Leeds for the duration of the show at £6.00 a bag.

Try it - you will never look back!


... or Japanese sandals made by the ladies of Toge ... and last summer rather ineptly by us.

A snip at a tenner a pair I believe.

Honey in Comb

Nice portions made by Karen's bees at Lawson Park despite a bad summer season for them.

Herbs from Leeds

50p a bunch while they last ...

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes can be an acquired taste (and let's be honest you wouldn't want to eat them on a date) but windy though they may be they taste great. These are organic ones from Tim's Dad's allotment - catch them while you can!


Umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums) are used for all sorts of gastronomic and medicinal purposes in Japan. These ones are strictly speaking Cumbrian pickled damsons, made by the fair hand of Ms. Guthrie. They've been kept for months under a heavy weight, in alcohol, salt and red shiso they're now partially-dried off and on the table.

A bargain at £1.00 a jar I believe.

Allotment Veg

On the stall for a short time only lovely veg from the local Leeds & District Gardeners Federation (thanks to Dan Robinson for bringing this in)

We're open for business

The beautiful honesty tables (made for us by Unto This Last) were groaning with produce at the opening of the show last night and they went down a storm!