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TV swansong


8 artist commissions conceived for webcasting, developed and curated by Pope & Guthrie

TV swansong was an ambitious and innovative project which commissioned 8 new works from UK-based artists, specifically for live webcasting on one day. The artists were Giorgio Sadotti, Jordan Baseman, Graham Fagen, Chris Helson, Pope & Guthrie, Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich, Jessica Voorsanger and Rory Hamilton & Jon Rogers.

TVSS commemorated the demise of a shared TV culture - away from the communal 'conversation' shared by millions each night to the essentially individual consumption of TV and the media that we see now. Many of the artists' projects returned to earlier forms of entertainment, or to the nostalgia of the TV which shaped many of our formative years. Whilst the project's main form of delivery was its technologically-innovative webcast - watched by over 20,000 on the day - many of the projects included large-scale public events which drew many thousands of additional audience members.

TVSS was a very significant project for us as it drew us beyond from our practice as individual artists responding to commissions: we founded Somewhere as a proactive artist-led entity, in order to develop and manage a project of this scale. Many of the commissioned artists had not worked with technology or in a live / public context before so TVSS was also a significant professional development experience for many of them.

The project's extensive website contains archives of all the artists' web streams, education resources (e.g a special 'kids' site developed with the BBC) and documentation on the project and its subsequent symposium at BALTIC in Gateshead, England.