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Jaywick Escapes

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Educational Use DVD (For Community Groups, Libraries etc)
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This boxed DVD features 3 full-colour postcards, the film trailer & optional English sub-titles.

DVD running time: 48 mins
Aspect ratio: 16:9, PAL DVD
Special features: Film trailer
Certificate: 15

Despite being officially Britain's most deprived place, Jaywick promises a fresh start with sea views at bargain rents, just a stone's throw from London.
This film follows the lives of three Jaywick newcomers, drifters whose reasons to escape here are revealed across a year. At its heart is Nick, a reformed wide boy. Recently widowed, he fulfils a long-held dream of moving to Jaywick, throwing himself into a new life.
But before long, and as they have for the town itself, things seem to go very wrong.

"Jaywick embodies a certain kind of hand-made, rough'n'tumble yearning for utopia, in the last place you might expect to find it - the frayed edges of the Essex coast, a place government statistics tell us is the most deprived in the country, and the Daily Mail would have us believe exemplifies Broken Britain... this film is a fresh and tender look at the town, and at the lost people who are drawn to this strange and sometimes magical place at the ends of England..."

Michael Smith Broadcaster (BBC The Culture Show) & Writer

Jaywick Escapes is also available for DOD / Streaming from Distrify
If you are holding anything but a private / domestic screening, please purchase a Public / Education Use version of the film (priced at £60) - please contact us directly to do this.