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Living with the Tudors

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Educational Use DVD (For Community Groups, Libraries etc)
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Distributed by SODA pictures, the DVD is hard-cased and comes with loads of extras including the cinema trailer and footage from 1569 & 1942.

DVD running time: 83mins
Aspect ratio: 16:9, PAL DVD Region 2
Special features: Extras & trailer
Certificate: Exempt

"This dry, droll and slightly dark documentary from the inimitably strange pair of British artist-filmmakers Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope explores the world of Kentwell Hall in Suffolk, England, home to a large-scale 16th century "reenactment." Guthrie and Pope spent years in the reenactment world and gained the trust of some of its hardcore loyalists ... Alternately witty and sympathetic, "Living With the Tudors" moves beyond mere subculture anthropology into a kind of meditation on the desire, or need, we all sometimes feel to escape from our lives."

"This year's SXSW Film Festival discoveries" on by Andrew O'Hehir